Businesses and consumers rely heavily on the internet for decision making when it comes to partnerships and purchases. At the same time, businesses use the internet to reach their target audience and promote their business. Google Ads help businesses digitally reach that desired target audience through their SERP advertising and gain measurable results from it.

Here are some reasons why you should implement Google Ads into your digital marketing strategy.

Increase brand awareness:

Google Ads raises awareness by putting your brand in front of other consumers who are searching using keywords relevant to your business.

Works hand in hand with SEO:

A feature that Google Ads has that can help your SEO strategy is testing keywords in order to see if conversions derive from them. After that, you can use that data to improve your SEO strategy and make sure you’re using keywords that will produce results once your website is optimized.

Encourages your audience to take action:

Using Google Ads remarketing ads process consists of categorizing audiences based off of what source they went through to get to your site and targeting them through the Google Display Network.

Outrank competitors:

With an Ads share report, you’ll see how many times your competitor outranks you on Google. By choosing “Target Outrank,” you can adjust your bid in order to outrank the competition.

Increase visibility online:

The Enhanced Cost Per Click strategy on Ads adjusts your bid based on the previous conversion data and other insights such as location, device, browser, time of day and week that potential consumers engage with your ads.


How do we know that Google Ads are effective?

Measurable and Scalable:

Google Ads provides many PPC metrics that allow you to measure what strategy has been working and what does not. From here, you can determine which campaigns to proceed with and which to turn off. Google Ads is also pretty scalable, considering the fact that it does not require excess effort to get leads. If you create a campaign that’s converting at a good rate, you can increase your budget, which can result in increased leads and profits.


Google Ads has the flexibility of hyper-targeting the audience you want to reach. For instance, you can specify keyword match types, use ad extensions, access non-search users with Youtube and Gmail Ads, leverage the display network, and narrow down the audience by location, time of day, language, browser or device.


A perk of Google Ads is not having to wait long to see results. Putting resources into your Google Ad campaign will bring you impressions and clicks instantaneously. Since it’s so fast, you can test certain keywords or audiences to see if they’re worth pursuing in your SEO strategy.


Google seamlessly combines your advertising needs into one platform. Google also suggests how to adjust your spending on ads based on Google’s observations of their performance.
Taking over SERPS: Google prioritizes Google Ads over organic results since they fall under the same umbrella. Once you start your PPC campaign, you will be able to get your ads high up on SERP, where they have a higher chance of getting clicked.


Ultimately, why should your business use GoogleAds?

You control your budget:

Many small businesses operate with a restrictive budget, so they want to make sure they’re investing their money into something that will produce results. Adopting Google Ads into your digital marketing strategy will allow you to allocate your spending as you please with no minimum investment or monthly ad spend.

The only thing you’re paying for is results:

They call it “pay-per-click” because that’s exactly what you’re doing. Google Ads also tracks who has been clicking your ads but not converting, to see how you can adjust your ads.

Ads show up in the perfect placement with precise timing:

Google is everyone’s go-to for just about everything. If someone takes their time out to search for something, chances are they are ready to buy, which is a perfect time to place your ad in front of their face.

Your competitor is using it:

Global paid search spending has been increasing exponentially and much online revenue is made based off search ad impressions that your competitors are using. If the competition is using Google Ads, it’s definitely something worth looking into.

Google has such a massive reach and pretty much provides the answer to everything online, so why wouldn’t you want your business advertised on their platform?
If you’re ready to set up Google Ads for your business, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to assist you!