As marketing continuously becomes more and more focused online, it’s important to be equipped with a digital agency or marketing team that will drive your business in the best direction with experience and knowledge. We believe investing in the right team can make or break your success.

You’re probably thinking – What is a digital agency and what do they do?

There are definitely a variety of structures that have proven to be successful. Sometimes responsibilities may be divided or combined resulting in more or less roles depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. For our purposes, here is an outline of what a digital agency marketing all-star team would look like:


Inbound Marketing Strategist
Driving traffic and finding people in need of a particular solution is this person’s passion. This team member oversees all of the inbound marketing campaigns and strategies and is the SEO, SEM and Social Media expert in the office. If you didn’t know, SEO is an extremely important aspect of online marketing. Having this person on your team will ensure that your site, blog, and other aspects of online marketing are optimized to rank as high as possible. As you know, social media is certainly linked to digital marketing, so it’s definitely wise to put someone in-charge of all things social. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etcetera — it’s this person’s job is to make sure that you’re not only posting the most relevant content, but engaging with followers.

Digital Graphic Designer
Digital graphic designers are technically-savvy individuals who use their creative abilities to inspire the creation of digital design. They produce the design and production for websites, product graphics, web logos, social media graphics and banners, static and rich banner ads, email campaigns, and email templates. Not only should the designs that are created by this person be aesthetically appealing, but they should also be functional. Before hiring someone for this position, be sure you ask to review their portfolio to ensure that your taste in design are aligned.

Front-End Web Development Coder
Coding is probably one of the most tedious and challenging tasks involved in digital marketing. This is the team member that brings the approved designs to life! This position includes building responsive websites and landing pages, coding the HTML for email campaigns, implementing that JavaScript code to record the event in web analytics. These tasks require highly specified knowledge and experience to perform.

Director of Creative Strategy or Creative Director
Your director of creative strategy should be a part of the day-to-day oversight of all creative executions but also be able to deal with challenges as they arise. The leader of your creative team is the glue which holds all of the creative brand touch points together.

Digital Project Manager
While most of the time team members are able to work with a lot of autonomy, you need to have a someone in charge with a vigilant eye over every team member’s work and timelines. This digital web chief should be a great communicator, organized, and able to schedule meetings and follow up to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Digital Account Manager
Account Management guides and develops digital marketing programs, provides strategically sound solutions to business objectives. Your digital account manager maintains deep knowledge of your business, your industry and your business’ competition and is ultimately responsible for the overall success of all initiatives.

Now that you understand the roles that make up a digital agency, do you have a team equipped to handle advertising in the digital age? If not, we can help! Here at Boxcar Creative, digital marketing is our speciality. From web design to paid search and social campaigns, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to shoot us a line on our contact page if you’re interested.

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