Many small businesses run into roadblocks when it comes to social media. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, managing social media is no small task. To those who don’t work in a field that relies on it, social media can seem like a no-brainer. In actuality, however, it requires meticulous planning and dedication to manage daily social media posts and execute quality campaigns. Additionally, small businesses don’t have access to the same resources that larger businesses do, so it can be a challenge to cultivate a thriving social media presence. Boxcar seeks to avoid these issues by sharing social media content creation duties with the whole team.

The social media campaign we launched this week achieves just that. These weekly videos highlight Boxcar’s culture, show off our expertise, and allow our social media audience to see all of Boxcar — not just the social media manager. This project started off in one of our weekly regroups when I asked everyone to send me three facts about their job, three tools they use, or three things they love about working at Boxcar. After receiving all of this information, I set up a schedule to stay on track with the filming and posting of these videos.

The specific goals of this campaign are to increase our social media audience and showcase our talents. Since we are a small business, building an audience isn’t the easiest task in the world. Bigger businesses and brands already have a certain level of recognition and influence that rakes in likes, follows, and retweets. Small businesses, on the other hand, need to give social media users a little push in the right direction. It’s vital that each of our social media posts pack a punch and get followers engaged, and this campaign is tailored to do just that by delivering interesting, bite-sized videos that make the viewer want to learn more about Boxcar. Everyone on our team has something stellar to offer, so we need to make sure we’re showing the rest of the world just how awesome we are. Little video snippets are the perfect way to exhibit our expertise and let our dazzling personalities shine through.

Luckily, this campaign doesn’t require any of us to invest hours and hours. Low-maintenance campaigns are perfect for small businesses like Boxcar, because they allow us to reap maximum social benefits without spreading ourselves too thin. Campaigns like this aren’t too much of a hassle to execute because they can be done quickly and the weight of the project can be shared among team members. Even during hectic weeks, the campaign will still be easily executed.

You can check out this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.