Recently, I was tasked with writing a script for a client’s video and case studies for the Boxcar website. Having always been a writer, I assumed that these would be simple tasks. It can’t be that difficult to write a two-minute-long video or a 100-word case study, right? Not quite. Luckily, I had tons of guidance from the Boxcar team.

The video script was a relatively simple and straightforward write. I was given access to past scripts the Boxcar team had written and used those as guidelines. Since we had previously produced a video for this client, all I needed to do was study the old script, plug in the new information, and make revisions when necessary. The real challenge of crafting this script was the fact that it needed to be written in the voice of the client rather than my own. It took a couple of tries for me to be able to pinpoint this and channel it into writing. Having access to the previous script was particularly helpful in identifying the brand’s voice, but looking through their website and social media accounts allowed me to refine it. Once the script was completed, the entire team worked together to revise it. Revision is where the magic of writing occurs, so it was especially fascinating to see my bare-bones, beginner script transformed into something stellar by being filtered through the Boxcar super-geniuses.

It was much more challenging to write the case studies than it was to write the script because high-quality case studies are masterpieces in the art of the “humble brag.” In addition to this, the case studies were for clients who were partnered with Boxcar long before I became part of the team. As a result, I didn’t have firsthand knowledge of Boxcar’s experience with them, and I needed to go back and forth with Mollie to make sure all the information was correct. The case studies were also subject to revision by other members of the Boxcar team to make sure they aligned with our own brand.

In the process of learning how to write video scripts and case studies, I’ve become a better, more versatile writer (and I think I may be getting the hang of this whole “humble brag” thing). The ability to step into the shoes of a brand and communicate in their voice is an important skill to have in any communication field but it makes up the core of digital advertising. Videos and case studies are everywhere; any given digital agency will have at least a few of them on their website. Because of their prevalence, the ability to craft high-quality videos and case studies will help you and your brand stand out.

If you’re interested in reading some of these case studies, head over to our work page.